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‘Tis the Season!

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

It is my favorite day of the year. Family, food, and drinking. Yes, please! In my state of constant bourbon-slush-to-the-face, I only got one picture of the night….but at least it’s a good one.

That luscious pillow of calories would be my first time baking brie. With my own cranberry sauce. And toasted agave-cinnamon pecans. Drool. Anyone want the recipe?

Starting to feel like winter around these parts. I am really starting to love living on the East Coast again, and nothing is comparable to the holiday season here. But it is certainly getting COLD!

Scarf weather! (And a sweaty drummer.)

Husky doesn’t mind it, though!

Made another trip to Terrain, my favorite place in the world. I literally walk around this place for hours, beaming from ear to ear like a crazy person, even after picking up every item and flipping it over to see its often gargantuan price tag. $148 for an inscribed copper serving tray! Totally justifiable…right? At least many items are more reasonable than the $72 biscuits from the Williams-Sonoma catalog. (<funniest article of all time.)

Is this place a winter wonderland, or what? I met up with one of my best friends that was in town for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the date, Kim!
That mushroom skillet I got the last time Coop and I were there is still the best thing I have had at Terrain. I don’t even LOVE mushrooms! It’s just that good.

Also, fingerling fries with chili remoulade and pumpkin pancakes. Get on our level.

Going back on Friday to pick up a few more decorations. I will share once I have them up!

Be on the lookout for a post with my new Christmas cards for the year. If you are interested in ordering, let me know! Etsy is currently being updated, with $3 satin-finish single card sales, as well as $14 10-packs of high-gloss cards (with the same image) and $19 10 packs of satin-finish mix-n-match cards. I am also able to compile a special order, so let me know what you are thinking!


Fall Fashion Favorites

1. “Leather” Leggings: These are my latest staple. I wasn’t sure how to style them at first, but now wear them with everything! I am in love. So comfy, and a little badass. 😉
Adriano Goldschmied Leatherette Leggings

2. Sparkly Flats: This is my first ever pair of flats (I’m 5’1…the taller the heel, the better). I am still getting used to the look of my freakishly wide feet in these puppies, but they are super cute and neutral (at least I think so! The bronzey color goes with lots). And they are crazy comfy! Lucky Brand Evonne Flats

3. Intricate Thermals: I have always been a fan of basics, and long and lean thermals are perfect when the weather is chilly. These thermal tops from Free People are my absolute favorite, and my sister and I snap a few up every year. They all have fun little intricacies that add to their character; a notched neck, buttons on the cuff, patterns and designs on the sleeves; they are all a little different and they offer a gazillion colors. Free People Thermals 1//2//3 (The gold one is from last year.)

4. Animal Print Belt: Because you can’t take the Jersey outta the girl. And animal prints are in this season! Lucky me. I poked an extra hole in this belt so I could also wear it around my waist over cardigans and chambray shirts. J.Crew Calf Hair Skinny Belt

5. Sheer Blouses: I love the effortless mix of dressy and casual that these types of shirts exude; tank under them for work, bandeau under them for going out.
1//2 (Ivory shirt is Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s and is from last year)

6. Military Jacket: I have been looking for the perfect military jacket for a while and discovered this one via Colleen at Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill, and I know I will love it even though it is backordered! Should ship this week, fingers crossed!! Just returned one to Old Navy that I ordered online; like most others, it was too overwhelming for my tiny frame. Sad! J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket

7. Colored Denim: I am a colored denim conneissuer. I have peach, cobalt, pinkish-red, mustard, and mint, among others. My latest faves are the Urban Outfitters mint ones and Free People mustard ones. Urban Outfitters BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean//Free People Colored Ankle Crop (on sale!) 

8. Chunky Sweaters: Love them with skinny jeans and boots with tall socks. Free People Marled Yarn Pullover (Blue and brown)//Gap Diamond Cable Crew Sweater (White)//American Eagle (Cream with neon zipper) Sold Out Online

9. Leather & Suede Boots: Frye boots are the best investments…I swear by them; they just get better every year with wear. I even have a vintage pair that I am in love with! I especially love the mixture of textures on these; they are my new favorites. Frye Veronica Slouch Boot

10. Printed Cardigans: Because they are just so cool! And I live in layers; my office is always freezing!!! 1//2//3

What are your favorite fall staples?

Turning Orange

I know, I know. Pumpkin is everywhere these days; all over magazines, on every blog and social media network, in your spiced lattes, on everyone’s front porches, in every recipe…

Happens every fall. People go bonkers for pumpkin.

Including me.

(Pumpkin loveliness at Terrain this past weekend!)

…but if you aren’t sick of it yet, and love pumpkin-everything like I do, here’s one more thing to add to the list:

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Because pumpkin overload is not possible in the fall. Added benefits? Complex carbs to help curb fluctuating blood sugar levels, lots of fiber, calcium, antioxidants, and iron from the pumpkin and spinach, and some protein to hold you over.


3 (heaping!) TB of pureed pumpkin
1.5 frozen bananas
¾ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 TB instant oats
½ tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp maple syrup
2 handfuls of spinach (you won’t even taste it!)
Pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon to taste


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend. Top with extra pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon (and I topped mine with half of a crumbled protein ball…reminded me of a tasty pie crust addition!). Some vanilla Greek yogurt would be a nice addition to this, too, but I didn’t have any on hand. As long as your bananas are frozen, you will get some serious creaminess out of this bad boy.

Maybe my lack of sun exposure won’t matter anymore…perhaps all of this pumpkin I am ingesting can take the place of regular self-tanner applications. Can’t believe I have not turned orange already. Sorry (I’m not sorry) for the pumpkin overload if you follow me on Instagram! 😉


Terrain, Great Harvest, and the Return of Football


If you live in the Philadelphia area, you have. To come here.

 Terrain. It’s owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc., so you know it is going to have great style.

I just realized about a month ago that I pass it on the way to Coop’s place…I had no idea it was there! So unassuming; a gorgeous, expansive nursery nestled right in next to a Target and other stripmall regulars. Saturday morning, we got up and beelined to Terrain at Styer’s; and it was even more amazing than I could’ve hoped! This place is a local foods and plant lover’s heaven! We started at the cafe, where the fresh-baked bread (in flowerpots!!!) and peppercorn bay leaf infused butter arrived, and we knew it was going to be awesome. I got an elderflower spritzer, and we split a veggie omelette, breadcrumby mac and cheese, and a mushroom skillet with an over-easy egg on top. All of the food was local, fresh, and uh-mazing.

And there were Mason jars galore!

Oh yeah, and had to try their housemade ice cream. Maple!

Can’t wait to go back already! We loved it, such an East coast gem. Autumn was in full bloom, and I definitely want to go back in a couple weeks to see how the menu changes for the fall!

Can I live here?

I may or may not have bought a few little things at the shop, too. I have a discount, okay? Do you know how hard that is to resist?! I literally want to buy every little thing in the store. Every. Little. Thing.

Then we made the long-awaited trip across the street to the new Great Harvest. I have been dying to go to a GH ever since reading about their bread and sandwiches in blogs a couple years ago. We picked out the Pesto Parmesan and Dakota breads. So doughy and dense!

After a trip to Guitar Center for some new drum shtuff and a fun night with Coop’s band and some drinks at a local dive, Sunday was here. Football season is back! We had to go out to watch the game since Coop doesn’t have DirectTV anymore (no Sunday Ticket package, boo!) and he HAS to watch his Patriots, so we posted up at PJ Whelihan’s for the first round of games. Both of our teams won, AND they had one of my favorite pumpkin ales, Southern Tier Pumking. Win, win! (Not to mention delicious wings…)

When we came home, we had this waiting for us:

Spinach and artichoke slow cooker dip….with bacon!!! An experiment gone so, so right.

I also made black bean dip, and with our Great Harvest bread, tortilla chips, sliced bell peppers, and Old Bay shrimp, it was the perfect spread for the rest of the games!

I am also trying to heal a herniated thoracic disc (womp womp), so with my body trying to mend itself, I have been super exhausted. It was nice to lay around the rest of the night and relax. Lots of restorative yoga, heating pads, pain killers, and epsom salt baths ahead. This has been three weeks too long, and I miss my regular routine. Heal! Heal!

Sometimes, though, your body just knows when to tell you to slow down, take a break, make a change. I am enjoying this time off from the gym to better my art, experiment some more in the kitchen, take longer, leisurely walks with the pup, and spend some more time with the family. Trying to sit back and not be so go-go-go all the time.

It was a great weekend and should be a relaxing week….and another fantastic weekend to come! Better rest up now….


Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, happy Thanksgiving Eve!


I am really excited for Thanksgiving; it just may be my favorite holiday….

It’s the official kick-off to the holiday season (for me, anyway, and I can finally allow myself to decorate, wrap, and listen to Christmas music to my little heart’s abandon), I get to see a bunch of family that I usually only see once a year (all of whom I am incredibly lucky and thankful for), Coop and Oscar are joining us this year and being introduced to even more family…oh yeah, and the drinking and eating, which comes in abundance.

Shenanigans always ensue…one year, my cousins discovered a little blue bottle of “Mad Dog” amongst all the liquor and wines, which the boys (including my dad) thought they should chug. Not after giving my grandma a shot first, of course.

It was her first shot ever. What?

Also can’t wait to see my cousins (two of whom are currently adorably preggers) who also happen to have the cutest kids ever. It is always a fun group.

I’m excited to recap my Boston mini-trip…great company, tons of walking and seeing all the ‘hoods, and soooo much delicious food. I want to do a two- or three-part recap once I get more (and better) pictures from my friends, but until then, here is a little preview of some fun things we did.

The food we ate was un. Real.

Hot Lobster Roll
Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls and Fried Clams at Davio’s
Spinach,  Egg, Roasted Red Pepper & Fontina

Yet, I reenforced the fact that I just do not like goat cheese, try as I might.

Tastes musty….blech.

Want to see a 5′ girl next to a 7′ (+?) college basketball coach? Sure you do!

(Is that unreal or WHAT?)

Had a wonderful time at a beer fest with my fellow Dogfish Head lover.

Sah’ tea is AMAZING.
Offshore Nutbrown Ale…oh. My gosh.

And just seein’ the sights!

The verdict? It is easily the cleanest, most walkable city I have been to on the East Coast…absolutely gorgeous, tons of culture and great architecture, so many awesome restaurants…I can’t believe it took me this long to get up there! If it didn’t get so freakin’ cold, I could totally see myself moving there.

Speaking of great cities, I’m still learning and loving mine. I was really excited when I got this interview from Yelp in my inbox yesterday…Top Chef alum Jen Carroll, a Philly native, talks about her favorite places around town.

How cute is she?

I love some of the places she talks about, and some I have yet to try. She mentions Race Street Cafe, our go-to spot.

(From their Facebook page)

I am loving exploring the city I grew up in a suburb of and yet never really got the chance to immerse myself in since I moved across the country for years. Plus, it makes it all the more fun having a really good lookin’ tour guide.

I am super sore after intense cardio, BodyPump, and BodyCombat this week. Going to start my long weekend off with a BodyPump class right after work and possibly try out some Tabata intervals…but don’t hold your breath on that one. I have a fabulous blister on my heel from walking around Boston all weekend, so those may hafta wait for a few days. I’m looking forward to some serious yoga on Friday, and another two-hour Pump/Combat challenge on Saturday. All in preparation for the holiday eats (no restrictions over here) and a day off on Sunday.

I have a fun little thing planned on that day….stay tuned 😉

  • Where are you having Thanksgiving? Hosting it yourself? Traveling somewhere? For as long as I can remember, we have traveled to Baltimore to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a big ol’ family get-together.
  • Do you have any favorite spots in your city? We love Race Street Cafe in Old City…not just for the amazing food, but also their spectacular beer list. And the Bloody Marys, I’m in love…the place is a late-nighter or a bruncher’s dream.
  • Have you ever tried a Tabata interval workout?

Safe travels, and Happy Thanksgiving!