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Baby Sister Graduates!

I can’t believe it…but that little sister of mine just GRADUATED COLLEGE.

UD Graduation

Allie Graduates

As a one-time Blue Hen myself (I went to University of Delaware for two years before transferring to Arizona), I loved creating her graduation announcement cards. YouDee is such a well-drawn mascot….despite being a chicken, and all. So here is my spin on him; the back had the typographic message with a little room to spare for her to write a pesonal message on the postcard to whomever she was sending it out to.

UD YouDee

Grad Announcement Back

We celebrated with homemade brunch, drinks, Chipotle catering, an ice cream bar and funfetti cupcakes (‘cuz let’s be honest….in a world of fancy Pinterest cupcakes of all kinds, there’s nothing like a chocolate-iced funfetti one). Late night bonfires and River Monster-watching ensued.

Graduation PartySO proud of her; YEAH Allie, you finally made it!!! It all paid off. Congrats, Baby Sister!!!

Things, Lately

1. Chobani is my number one Greek yogurt love. (And I eat Greek yogurt every. Day.) Especially when I get special deliveries like this.

Chobani Delivery

The coffee and dark chocolate Chobani Bite is AMAZING. Also a huge fan of the caramel and pineapple Bite, and the new Pear and Banana flavors often make a morning appearance in my breakfast…paired with sliced banana and crumbled protein date balls, of course.

Pear Chobani with Banana
2. This.
Husky Cuddling and Sleeping
3. I cannot express how ecstatic I am that I have a man who now loves cooking, eating, and food presentation as much as me. (Oh yeah…not to mention he USED to NOT be a dessert person. Ha!) This is our idea of fun.
Lobster Fra Diavolo Black Bean Burgers Cheeseburger Cassarole Cilantro Lime Eggs with Chorizo and Guac Veggie Linguine, Green Bean Salad Black Bean Burgers and Avocado Corn Salsa
Skillet Cheesy Italian BreadSriracha Bloody MaryCheese and Turkey Plate
4. Wedding invitation design is WAY fun; it is so fun to switch it up and do some pretty, “romantic” work. I also picked up some amazing illustration jobs lately…we’re talking, my biggest, most fun clients ever. Power of positive thinking, my friends. It does WONDERS!
Wedding invite
Be back next time with another art update. Hope you are having a lovely spring! xoxo
See you later, alligator!
Alligator Head

Fit for TBA: My Favorite Workouts (Part II)

Hello there! Happy Monday…I am definitely ready for a fresh new week.

Let’s start it off with Part II of Fit for TBA: My Favorite Workouts! You can find Part I here.

Fit for TBA: My Favorite Workouts! (Part II)

I have a true love for yoga, and definitely don’t make enough time in my schedule for it. I truly think one reason I have been so stressed out lately is not having that time carved out every week to let go and quiet my mind. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to my favorite yoga classes, only to walk away yoga-noodley AND have a clearer head…my instructors always seem to have the right things to say, and help you to feel like you are in the right place at the right time, and your life is right where it should be. I need to do yoga more regularly again!

Runners-Up: BodyCombat and boxing-inspired classes. Alright….sometimes there is no better feeling than uppercutting that imaginary bad guy in your kickboxing class, and delivering a nice roundhouse right to his head. And hitting a heavy bag is a therapy session all on its own!

I could go on and on about these super-inspiring, outrageously gorgeous girls, but all you need is to spend a few minutes on their blog or YouTube channel and you will see why! They have developed a lifestyle eating plan that works, and started a Community that is unlike any other. And they are so FUN! I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Runner-up: Cassey at Blogilates. She has the cutest personality and blog, and a great YouTube channel as well. Her Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge is NO JOKE!! Seriously….do it everyday for a week and try to tell me you don’t see a difference in your thighs!

Taking this class has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Women should absolutely weight train! (Good article on why strength training is so beneficial to women here.I accredit this class for the definition in my arms that I never thought was achievable. It is my main source of lifting, and in two (sometimes 3) days a week, I get in my full body weight lifting sessions, accompanied with fun instructors and good music. Since starting weight training, I haven’t gotten bulky, but definitely more toned. Due to the lack of testosterone in us ladies, we can’t can’t too bulky without the help of supplements. With the high rep, lower weight-style of BodyPump twice a week, lots of pushups, and protein afterwards, I am perfectly happy with my weight training. It’s what works best for me right now, and all of us regulars cannot deny the effects of BodyPump! This is one group fitness class that also caters to the males just as much as women. Our classes at my gym are often 50/50!

I am not much of a long distance runner. As much as I want to train for a half marathon, sometimes I think the Disney Wine & Dine is so enticing to me A) because of the cute medals and B) due to the fabulous food and drink awaiting for you at the end. I get bored easily and usually tap out at 3 miles, so Tabata intervals are PERFECT for me. I usually perform these on a treadmill. A Tabata is a 4 minute cycle where you go hard for twenty seconds, totally STOP for 10 seconds (I hop on the sides of the treadmill), and repeat for 8 total rounds within the 4 minutes. This. Is. Killer. I am not very fast, and my top speed is usually 9.5-10, but let me tell you. Two rounds of these with an incline walking warmup and cooldown and I am spent!!! Shape magazine has a great article on why Tabatas are so great for you.

“Doing as little as 4 minutes (or one “Tabata”) can increase your aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, VO2 max, resting metabolic rate, and can help you burn morefat (and make you look 200-percent leaner) than a traditional 60-minute aerobic workout. That’s right—4 minutes of Tabata can get you better fitness gains than an entire hour of running on the treadmill.”

…yes, please! 🙂


Hope you all have a great week…my weekend included a super fun bachelorette party in Atlantic City (Revel is AMAZING!!), a shopping trip to Anthropologie where I bought a towel set I have been lusting over (and picked up my sister’s huge paper mache elephant head from there as well, which I had to carry through the mall like a crazy person), and a yummy Shrimp Fra Diavlo dinner, accompanied with a Weeds marathon, Breaking Bad, and a couple glasses of Malbec. AND some Oreo ice cream pie…my parents wanted to celebrate Coop’s 30th, too! They got him a programmable crock pot. THIS I am happy about. 🙂 Any great crock pot recipe ideas? Hoping to catch up on some sleep this week!

Have a fabulous week!

It’s Been a While…Part 3!

Part One . Part Two .

First off, my lovely friend Laura over at Laura Likes Design is starting a new series on her blog called Artist Profile…and I am her first subject! Check out her adorably illustrated blog to read my interview here.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! My iMac has been slooooowwww lately and picture loading has been a pain, so I need to clean it up a bit. Here is, finally, the last installment of what I have been up to this crazy past month!

I also have added two new fish prints to my Society6 shop….check it out! See ya soon! xo

It’s Been a While…Part 2!

Part 1 here!

Here’s another slew of photos from my last month. This batch includes our New Hampshire trip and a yoga photoshoot in some beautiful gardens in New Jersey!

It’s been a good, albeit super busy, month. Part 3 (and possibly 4!) to come tomorrow.