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Terrain, Great Harvest, and the Return of Football


If you live in the Philadelphia area, you have. To come here.

 Terrain. It’s owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc., so you know it is going to have great style.

I just realized about a month ago that I pass it on the way to Coop’s place…I had no idea it was there! So unassuming; a gorgeous, expansive nursery nestled right in next to a Target and other stripmall regulars. Saturday morning, we got up and beelined to Terrain at Styer’s; and it was even more amazing than I could’ve hoped! This place is a local foods and plant lover’s heaven! We started at the cafe, where the fresh-baked bread (in flowerpots!!!) and peppercorn bay leaf infused butter arrived, and we knew it was going to be awesome. I got an elderflower spritzer, and we split a veggie omelette, breadcrumby mac and cheese, and a mushroom skillet with an over-easy egg on top. All of the food was local, fresh, and uh-mazing.

And there were Mason jars galore!

Oh yeah, and had to try their housemade ice cream. Maple!

Can’t wait to go back already! We loved it, such an East coast gem. Autumn was in full bloom, and I definitely want to go back in a couple weeks to see how the menu changes for the fall!

Can I live here?

I may or may not have bought a few little things at the shop, too. I have a discount, okay? Do you know how hard that is to resist?! I literally want to buy every little thing in the store. Every. Little. Thing.

Then we made the long-awaited trip across the street to the new Great Harvest. I have been dying to go to a GH ever since reading about their bread and sandwiches in blogs a couple years ago. We picked out the Pesto Parmesan and Dakota breads. So doughy and dense!

After a trip to Guitar Center for some new drum shtuff and a fun night with Coop’s band and some drinks at a local dive, Sunday was here. Football season is back! We had to go out to watch the game since Coop doesn’t have DirectTV anymore (no Sunday Ticket package, boo!) and he HAS to watch his Patriots, so we posted up at PJ Whelihan’s for the first round of games. Both of our teams won, AND they had one of my favorite pumpkin ales, Southern Tier Pumking. Win, win! (Not to mention delicious wings…)

When we came home, we had this waiting for us:

Spinach and artichoke slow cooker dip….with bacon!!! An experiment gone so, so right.

I also made black bean dip, and with our Great Harvest bread, tortilla chips, sliced bell peppers, and Old Bay shrimp, it was the perfect spread for the rest of the games!

I am also trying to heal a herniated thoracic disc (womp womp), so with my body trying to mend itself, I have been super exhausted. It was nice to lay around the rest of the night and relax. Lots of restorative yoga, heating pads, pain killers, and epsom salt baths ahead. This has been three weeks too long, and I miss my regular routine. Heal! Heal!

Sometimes, though, your body just knows when to tell you to slow down, take a break, make a change. I am enjoying this time off from the gym to better my art, experiment some more in the kitchen, take longer, leisurely walks with the pup, and spend some more time with the family. Trying to sit back and not be so go-go-go all the time.

It was a great weekend and should be a relaxing week….and another fantastic weekend to come! Better rest up now….


It’s Been a While…Part 3!

Part One . Part Two .

First off, my lovely friend Laura over at Laura Likes Design is starting a new series on her blog called Artist Profile…and I am her first subject! Check out her adorably illustrated blog to read my interview here.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! My iMac has been slooooowwww lately and picture loading has been a pain, so I need to clean it up a bit. Here is, finally, the last installment of what I have been up to this crazy past month!

I also have added two new fish prints to my Society6 shop….check it out! See ya soon! xo

It’s Been a While…Part One Pic Recap!

It has been SO long since I have been here, my friends. I am always lurking in the background catching up on my favorite blogs, as well as still taking pictures of meals and nails and dogs and things to blog about….but have been so gosh darn busy I have shied away from posting them lately!

Weekdays continue to consist of a fairly rigid routine of work, dog walk, gym, cook dinner, freelance (and TV), bed. We are working for the weekend because this summer has been exceptionally busy! We are loving West Chester, eating lots of awesome food, planning bachelorette parties and showers and birthdays (I’m 25 now! And Coop is coming up on 30!!!), doing lots of shopping at Anthro and Free People (oh discount, how I love you!!!), visiting friends and family (New Hampshire! Lewes, Delaware! NJ shores! Etc.) and just playing hard…that’s what summer is for, right?!

Here is what my last month looked like…and I will spread it out over the remaining posts for the week!

Part One:

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram, where I am the most active.

Missed ya, see you tomorrow for some more picture recaps! 🙂 xoxox