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Latest Obsessions 5.22.13

Latest Obsessions

Some things I’m lovin’…..

Chartreuse Nails

  • Chartreuse: from nail color (Essie’s The More the Merrier), to design projects, to the Portofino shirt, I am loving this hue lately.
  • While we are on the topics of awesome colors, I also have become obsessed with jadeite, and want a collection as big as Martha’s or Paula’s….

    On my birthday wishlist…a jadeite cakestand. I only have reproductions so far, but I will now be on the lookout at yard sales and antique shops for the real deal, too!

  • And speaking of my birthday wishlist…
  • Also. Apple Cider Vinegar!!! Because I attribute this miracle stuff (along with some healthy doses of kombucha) to being the reason my allergies aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be (like, 4+ sinus infections a year?) and for beefing up my immune system. I seriously love this stuff. So many benefits. Just make sure you get the raw, unfiltered kind; I use the brand Bragg. Couple tablespoons mixed with any concoction of water and/or 100% juice, and I also love using it in dressings for salads. Speaking of that….
Jersey Veggies and Salad in a Jar
  • Jersey fresh produce is BACK in full force!!! (PS, Salad in a Jar is genius and a perfect way to eat a ton of veggies in a sitting….and be totally full.)
Ice Cream Cone
  • This.
  • Question of the day? “Jimmies” or “sprinkles?” Hope you’re having a lovely week!


Jersey Fresh!

Much love to my favorite local farmer’s market!
One of the very best things about being from the Garden State is that fresh, local produce is always abound in season. Jersey tomatoes are the absolute BEST!
Pepper lover’s dream!
I stopped by to get some jalapenos (I am making “skinny” jalapeno poppers for part of Coop’s birthday dinner tonight), but was drawn to the chocolate-colored and purple bell peppers. They had 6 different colors of bell peppers, along with all kinds of hot peppers, from habenaros to hot and sweet jalapenos to poblanos.
Check out my haul, including the chocolate and purple bell peppers, a stripey heirloom tomato, and more. Best of all, this was all under 8 bucks(!!!)….making my impulse buys totally warranted.
Plum the size of my whole hand!
I love how everytime I go, there are unique assortments of some of the best produce in the country. Plus, the market is on my commute home, so it’s perfect to pop in at lunch or on my way home from work. AND they sell wine there.
I miss fresh California avocados (they are SO much cheaper out west!!!), but since being back East again, I have been taking full advantage of the awesomeness that is the Garden State.
(Being able to have a smoothie bowl chock-full of fresh produce on the patio during your lunch hour is always nice, too!)
xoxo hope you are having a great week! I’m off to walk the pup and then cook my favorite 30-year-old his birthday dinner! 🙂