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Some happenings and obsessions lately:

1.) Homemade granola rocks. Chia Peanut Butter Walnut granola with local Jersey honey.

So is homemade chia jam…I based this off of Brittany’s, but made it with frozen blackberries and blueberries.

2.) I love Philly. Including running the Ben Franklin Bridge,

And eating egg sandwiches afterwards on Race Street Pier…..

Art fairs on Penns Landing and frozen yogurt,

Seeing people stroll their bonnet-ed baby along in a hot rod,

And all of the delicious food. This city is a foodie’s dream.

North Third is still one of the BEST brunch spots.

Checking the Menu Pages app to see if Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant still serves oysters…no, but it didn’t even matter after the amazing meal we shared of frickles, grilled veggies with goat cheese, and a turkey burrito that was ah, maze, ing. Pictures don’t do it justice. This place is a home run every single time.

Also, Sundays have become my favorite days. Nothing is better than Sunday brunch or a leisurely dinner with wine, all on an incredibly sunny, warm day.

3. I am becoming an accessory addict.

Finally the owner of a Chan Luu, thanks to Rue La La!

4. As well as a wasabi pea addict.

5. My dog is starting to like “rides” even better than “walks”…..

6. And I am adding two new cards for sale on Etsy tomorrow afternoon! Check back soon!



Have any fun obsessions lately?

Brave Hearts for Strong Minds

I want to take a moment to let you guys know about a benefit that is very near and dear to my heart.

A good friend of mine and Coop started Brave Hearts for Strong Minds to honor his late brother-in-law; Sam Bock Illustration & Design is a sponsor. Family man Tom Reilly passed away suddenly last year, leaving his wife Christa and four young children, Deryn, Liam, Madden, and Molly. The benefit walk, which is Saturday, June 16th at La Salle College High School (please register if you live in the Philly area! The more, the merrier! Registration closes May 21st), will raise money for the children’s education; after two years, the receiving family will pay it forward by running the benefit for another family who has lost a parent.

The Reilly kids!

Tom Reilly

The following is a letter written by Christa:

 Dear Friends,

A little over a year ago, our family was struck with the devastating news that the head of our household would not be coming home. Tom Reilly, my husband, suddenly passed away at the age of 43 and is now survived by myself and our four children: Deryn (9), Liam (7), Madden (4), and Molly (3). I would like to share with you our experience of Tom and invite you to join us in celebrating his life.

Tom was the iconic working class suburban Dad. He was the guy with the gentle, kind heart who came home with a cake from an old lady because she couldn’t pay him for his work. The unspoken gentleman, who pulled over in a snow storm to tow someone to safety. He worked hard, loved to play music, and had the ability to make everyone around him feel respected and appreciated. He was a man who lived for others and enjoyed nothing more than celebrating the company of friends and family which is why I would like to invite you and your friends to join us on June 16th at LaSalle College High School for the first annual walk that will celebrate the life of Tom Reilly in a manner that truly fits his personality.

June 16th will be the first annual event for Brave Hearts for Strong Minds, an organization founded in honor of Tommy that raises education funds for children who have lost a parent. After two years, the recipient family must “pay it forward” by running the event for another family who has experienced the loss of a parent.

It will be a day of music, food, and friends that we hope you register to join. Our family chooses to awake each morning and smile knowing we were lucky to have had Tommy in our lives and we would like to continue Tom’s example of kindness by sharing his good nature with all of you.

Tommy, Deryn, Liam, Madden, Molly, & I hope that you will register to walk and join us for the day, not only to support the cause but mostly to keep the honor of Tom alive and well by celebrating the company of others.

You can register online at:

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you on June 16th at LaSalle College High School to celebrate a true “brave heart”!

Warmest Regards,

Christa Reilly


The Reilly clan at one of their fundraisers, selling BHSM Bracelets! How cute are they??

If You Would Like to Help…

  • Register for the walk here!
  • And if you would like to help out by donating money (any little bit helps!), you can go to mine and Coop’s fundraising page here. I’d love nothing more than to hit our goal of $300(+) for this incredible family.
  • If you would like to spread the word, “like” Brave Hearts for Strong Minds on Facebook and share it with others.
  • And for any of my blogger friends…please feel free to share this on your own blog! This is such a wonderful cause and I would be indebted to you if you felt it in your heart to share BHSM with others. This is one platform where a cause like this can be truly recognized on a great level.
  • Remember to be grateful for all of the wonderful people in your lives, and tell them you love them every chance you can get.

Thanks, guys. xoxoxo

Playing Catch-Up

Well, hey there! Remember me?

As I have been consuming most of my free time with hitting some freelance deadlines, I have neglected my little blog. Working and drawing isn’t the ONLY thing I have been doing, though!

1.) I’ve been enjoying walking around the city. Coop is moving from his awesome house in Old City Philadelphia next month, so I am trying to soak up all the fun things within walking distance while I can.

Ikea and Fro Yo kinda day….

2.) I’ve also been attempting to enjoy the Flyers….although they are making it reallllly really difficult for me.

…I even turned the boy onto it! He’s been to a good amount of games with me as we have season tickets. He has lived in Philly for like seven years now, and he (thankfully) wasn’t a Bruins fan, or had really followed hockey much before. And now he bought a Jagr shirt at the last game! Stacy thinks he is a keeper.

3.) I got new business cards, mailing labels, and blank notecards.

4.) Also, food and drink has consumed the other portion of my life while not drawing, working, or workin’ it out.

I won a giveaway on Alyssa’s blog….well, sort of! The number of entrants was wrong when she first did the random number giveaway, so it totally wasn’t fair to the others that entered. My girl did the right thing (and apologized profusely)….aaaand Lauren from Sharkies still hooked me up anyway! Verdict? Get these organic, delish fruit chews and energy chews if you see them in stores. LOVE them, can’t get enough!!!

Made some pasta salad with kidney beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, roasted peppers, onions, and garlic, and veggie rotini. And avocado. Always. Psh.

Tone It Up inspired me to make a roasted portobello mushroom, stuffed with red quinoa and veggies…a new fave!

I fell in love with Wegman’s, just like I knew I would….

AND they had pumpkin ale (my fave)….a really good one!….amongst all of the summer brews.

And also have started brewing my own kombucha each week!!! Anyone interested in a how-to? The pictures may terrify you a bit….that “scoby”? Yeah, it’s a huge mushroom-like culture that grows a baby (also a huge mushroom-like culture) on top. Scary!!! But it tastes just like store-bought for the most part and will definitely save me some bucks so that I am not buying (freakin’ delicious) Synergy all the time. I added pineapple juice to some of my last batch. So good!!

My dad, the antique car guru, has a customer from Italy who delivered these awesome little guys to me…..luckily, the cookbook has some English. Not so luckily, the coffee, which is “not like that dark water you Americans drink,” is straight-up in Italian. Anyone care to interpret??

I also have made a giant, shrimp-infused version of my Roasted Veggie Pad Thai. I would like to marry that TJ’s Soyaki sauce. Oh. Man.

Saturday night we went to Philadephia Bar & Restaurant again….because after watching my boy Guy on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives eat the best looking mac and cheese around, we decided we needed some fried mac and cheese balls. And crab guacamole. Best idea ever. AND look what is happening in two weekends?! So there.

AND Sunday brunches with Coop have been amazing lately. Like this past one at Revolution House. Totally my new favorite Bloody Marys in Philly.

Eggs in Purgatory! Similar to the Shakshuka I love at nearby Cafe Ole.

We made new friends and learned about traffic apps...

I don’t normally do sweet, or cocktails at all for that matter, but this pineapple juice & Chambord deliciousness our bartender whipped up for me was uh. mazing. Despite what my face would infer, here…

And has anyone else ever heard of a Bloody Maria?! Aka, a Bloody Mary…with tequila! Be still my tequila-lovin’ heart.

Okay, I am still a ball of sweat after a kickbutt BodyCombat class and I have some freelance to work on….and some Flyers to cheer on. Later gators!

Let me know if any of you foodies want a “how to make your own kombucha” post….it’s super easy, albeit a little time-consuming!