Monthly Archives: February 2013

Art & Design Lately (Part I)

So, I haven’t shared many of my design and illustration projects with you lately, and that needs to change! I have been working around the clock between my full-time graphic design career and maintaining my own business, and I have been blessed to do some awesome projects lately, with more in the queue!

First up to share with you guys…some Save the Dates!

Save the Date Postcard

I loved working with Rachel and look forward to doing her wedding invitations! We decided on postcards, and the matte finish was perfect for writing addresses on; plus I got to design two sides! I worked with a printer in Maryland (thanks for the tip, Taryn!!!) and they did an amazing job. Can’t wait to do more work with them in the future.

If you have an upcoming wedding or event, don’t forget! Sam Bock Illustration & Design is more than just animal drawings, friends (although I could do them everyday for the rest of my life and be enormously content), and we are open for business! 🙂