Monthly Archives: November 2013

Hopping Around the Christmas Tree

What did I do this weekend, you ask?

Oh you know, just sat on my couch with a bottle of red, cuddled in my white faux fur throw and bird PJ pants, and worked on this little guy for you.

Presenting this year’s 2013 Christmas card…Australian hopping mice, decorating a Christmas tree!

Christmas Hopping Mice

Available on Etsy now…shipping by next Wednesday or earlier!


It’s coming…

Seems that the holidays are being shoved down your throat a leetle earlier every year.

And you know what? This year….I don’t hate it.

Some favorites I plan on getting over the next month….don’t worry, I won’t officially decorate until after (my other fave holiday) Thanksgiving!!

Land of Nod Stocking

Festival Lights

Metallic Globe Ornaments

Fox Ornaments

And…perhaps these little zingers for holiday parties….

DV Dress

Parker Dress

Fa la la la la……