Koda the Toy Hoarder

Breakdown of the Bedtime of a Toy Hoarder:

You know you want to play with Penguin!!!
No sleep! Play! Play! Play!
Bedtime is for PUPPIES!!!

Throwback Thursday 

Morning, friends!

For today’s Throwback, I present to you something a little different (…animal overload, see above).

I have some friends who brew their own (amazing) beer…all kinds of ales from noble trappist to copper to blonde (one of my absolute FAVES) to pumpkin and many more. They came to me with ideas for what they envisioned when they needed a logo and packaging for their beer.

Here you can see how some of my illustrations/designs begin with a SUPER raw sketch that I will occasionally scan in to use as a jump off point. They knew exactly what they wanted, from the hand as a part of the trunk, the hops and barley throughout, to even the hue of the beer and foam. I ran with that and created a logo along with a woodgrain texture and we made some really cool six-pack holders (aaand I got a couple batches of beer outta it 🙂 )

Little doodle I did while talking to my friend which ended up being the inspiration for the final.
Dreaming Tree Brewing Co. Before & after!

I’ll have to post the revised six-packs when we reprint/assemble them…they’re pretty cool.

Hope your day goes swimmingly

In honor of Jersday, I leave you with the best clip (besides Vinny and Ronnie in the hot tub) from the show last week. She’s too young for you, BRO!!!! What is your favorite “too-young-fah-you” quote?

Enjoy, folks.

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