You Can Stand Under My Umbrella-Ella-Ella

Happy Friday!

This weekend, I will be dreaming of this:

amidst this:

and doing lots of drawing (hopefully not by candlelight!!!) and watching TV/movies (electric and cable, PLEASE pull through for me!) while it will presumably be pouring and wind-ing and hurricane-ing outside. Yikes.

Let’s hope this thing doesn’t turn out as bad as they are making it sound. C’mon, Irene!!!

That would be my sister practicing for the impending downpour and wind…

Almost as glamourous as Rihanna…sort of.

Good thing we have Labor Day next week to look forward to!

On my list of things to draw in the next couple weeks:

1.) It’s a (beachy) surprise 🙂

2.) A dinosaur set….any recommendations for species? I’m thinkin’:
     ~ Brontosaurus
     ~ Pterydactyl (my favorite)
     ~ Raptor
     ~ Steg
     ~ T Rex (inspired by the below cartoon I saw on PB Fingers yesterday…goodness  
         gracious, I have not stopped laughing over it. I wish I had drawn it.)

Which reminded me of this book:

Someone…please buy me this book. Never too soon for a Christmas list….!

And this clip:

Dinosaurs….are awesome.

3.) Converting some of the drawings into square and circle forms to design and print sticker sets. (Dino, Jungle, Birds, Holiday, Farm, etc)

4.) My three new Xmas cards…I won’t say what they will be yet, but I have realized, inspired by last year’s, that every year will have a set of three including: one bird, one exotic animal, and one traditional wintery/festive animal. I also want to make a Hannukah card…but no ideas yet.

Last Year’s:

I will try to drop by with my Mac ‘n’ Spinach ‘n’ Cheese (and Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n’ Cheese) recipe this weekend…I will probably be holed up in the house with this crazy Hurricane Irene on the move, so as long as the power is on (fingers crossed!!!) I will do just that. The pics aren’t so great,

….told you.

but I promise you it is delicious!

Have a wonderful weekend…hopefully you are no where near where the hurricane is supposed to hit, but if you are, stay safe & dry!

And I hope that you will have plenty of things to keep you busy…like wine, and someone to cuddle with. Preferably this guy:


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