Give Me Everything Tonight


I was excited for BodyCombat 48 release yesterday. The sixth track was alllllll kicks. Oh my goodness. And the core and pushups conditioning at the end was absolutely killer. I did BodyFlow after and had a tough time through the ab track after doing Combat’s. Here is the tracklist for Release 48:

1a: In My Head (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) – Henry Blank
1b: Airplanes (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) – Groove Chasers
2: Smooth Criminal – Badlands Inc
3: We Dance On – Subz Project
4: Come In Hard (Don’t Like Rock ‘N’ Roll) – Hardknox
5: If I Were You – Breeze & Ritmen
6: Drummer Boy (MoDrums Remix) – Alesha Dixon
7: The Last Fight – Bullet For My Valentine
8: Everywhere (Breeze & UFO Remix) – Master Blaster
9: The Time (Dirty Bit) – Red Beans & Rice
10: The Silence (New Single Mix) – Alexandra Burke

Sad I am missing the new BodyFlow launch tomorrow…but the plans I have instead pretty much make up for it. 

A night in Philly and the Flyers game? Worth it. So happy hockey season is BACK (well, preseason)! And hopefully my boys will look better than they did last Wednesday when I went…yeesh. At least Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries and beer made the loss a little more tolerable. 


We lost the core of our team and it’ll be interesting to watch all the newbies get used to playing together. Although I gotta say….new goalie? Did not look so hot on Wednesday. Hope you were worth it all, Bryz.


So uh…finally ready for a new drawing??

Still putting some little touches on the sand and the background in general, but here you have it. Some things bug me about it here and there, but it is just a drawing for fun, so I am not going to do much more to it.

Avalon seagulls (they are snack thieves), inspired by my beachy East Coast summer.

Thanks to this guy, I made lots of awesome new friends during the summer of 2011. Thanks, guys, for letting me be a part of your beach house (cough, cough, freeload, cough). Love you all!

It was definitely a summer to remember….perhaps my best yet.

Rehobeth dates with my Boston BFF
And South Jerz dates
My 24th birthday
And celebrating Grandma’s 75th
One of my very best friends got married!!!
So we danced….
…a LOT.
Avalon Sunday Fundays
Dewey Beach nights
Reading The Help while drinking Bloody Marys
Becoming friends with our regular waitress at Tonio’s
My very first White Brier Happy Hour (please ignore the atrocious state of my hair here)
And my first Tour de Shore at Golden Inn!

So many great times.

And these two songs will forever have Summer 2011 emblazoned in my mind:

Long live shufflin’.

So long, sweet summer. 

Already counting the days until spring. Until then, I will be freezing my tuchus off and reminiscing about my days in Arizona and Nevada and California. 
(Although I will see you in MARCH, Vegas!!!!)

BodyPump again tonight, first time doing it twice in a week. Yikes! (Perhaps I just want to hear that Tiesto song again.)


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