Another Friday Five!

Hellooo! It is Friiiiday, Friiiiday. 

You know what that means? Another Friday Five, brought to you by Laura. Love this little weekly list!

The Friday Five

1. What I’m Reading:

….the same book as the last two Fridays. Oops! I promise to have started a new book by next week!

2. What I’m Listening To:

This song. Nonstop.

3. What I’m Watching:

Finally caught up on Weeds this week. Anyone out there a fan? I had FIVE episodes to watch, including the season finale. This season totally redeemed the show after a couple lackluster seasons; so entertaining, and they brought back lots of familiar faces. It was a new story line, but reminded me why I loved Weeds in the first place. Such clever, witty writing and amazing characters.

Andy and Doug are still as hilarious as ever. And my, my, Silas, how you have grown. 😉 Long gone is little “Strange” Botwin, too…although Shane is still PRET-ty creepy. 

Strange Botwin, all growns up. And still strange.
And you have no idea how excited I am for both Dexter and How to Make It in America to start on Sunday!!! Sundays are regaining the lead for my favorite TV night…sorry, Jersday (<but I still love you)! 

I used to hate and dread Sundays when I was in school, but now I love them! Chilling in Philly with the football package and inhaling veggie ‘za from a Greek pizzeria is a perfect new tradition, and now a bunch of my favorite shows are on at night. Yessss.

4. What I’m Eating (and what Koda is eating):

Pork tacos with (subpar) guac. Should’ve went with the salad with broiled shrimp instead. Womp.

Oh, and five tons of The Great Pumpkin Bread. Going to make more this weekend, as well as bake some of Julie’s Two-Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Cookies. Ohhhh yes.

Kodes is also pumpkin-crazy like me…he went bonkers when I let him taste the tail end of my pumpkin pie protein shake from the gym (which tasted like heaven in a pumpkin-y milkshake).

In a frenzy!


5. What I’m Pinning:

Recipes, recipes, recipes.

All links can be found via my Pinterest!

In other news, I am worthless. At least when it comes to plants. Rawr.

Is this a joke?

Sorry, “New Plant.” Bringing home to my green-thumbed mother for an emergency repotting and attempted revival. I suck.

On the agenda for this weekend: some yoga, hopefully seeing the new Harry Potter (nerd alert!) that I still have not seen, getting my hair done (so very needed…my sun-and-bleach-parched hair needs some lowlights and some lovin’), some more baking, and pup walks.

Heading off to the gym for some much-needed cardio after more crab fries and beer at the Flyers game last night (and there may or may not have been a glass of red wine consumed as a nightcap). Have a fabulous weekend!


2 thoughts on “Another Friday Five!

  1. Sheri Vopalensky Brooks

    Have you ever tried spice cookies with pumpkin dip? Soft, chewy ginger snaps with pumpkin/cream cheese dip…yummy!

  2. Sam Bock

    Those are my favorite cookies that you make!!!

    I made the Pumpkin Spice cookies on Saturday. Ohhhh mah gawwwd. Seriously so, so good and soft and chewy as well! Topped with a little cream cheese icing and pumpkin pie spice.


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