That is exactly how things have been around here lately…crazy work, gym, yoga studio, illustration commissions, family get-togethers and minor crisises, shows in the city, trying new recipes….I’ve been all over the place! This post will pretty much mimic that.
You are right, Miss J. I will try.
(ANTM fans out there?)
Little photo recap of my past week:
Birthday Pup!!! No party hats were to be found, so I bought his collar a ribbon. That’ll do.

Kissing his birthday bat.

^…those still exist? And Poppy’s 84th birthday (with birthday ice creammmm)

Get it, Office fans? Three Hole Punch Jim and Black Cat Pam:
I made us Dunder Mifflin ID tags to make it a little more authentic….aaand so that people didn’t just think I was a bad version of a black cat. C’mon, I am a little more creative than THAT.
(Pre-Pam Halpert….and that’s the date that Halloween episode aired.)
It’s FRIDAY again, and you know what that means!!!
The Friday Five
1.) What I’m Reading:

Still the same ol’  LARGE PRINT from last week. I remember the days when it would just take me a couple days to read a book…now it takes weeks! I just juggle so many things at this point that reading has taken a bit of a backseat for me lately. But don’t get me wrong…still love it!
2.) What I’m Listening To:

The new Coldplay album that was just released…Alt Nation on SiriusXM has been doing a fab job of playing many songs from the CD and I think I am going to buy it on iTunes later tonight. I’m diggin’. The new Black Keys album sounds like it will be awesome as well.

3.) What I’m Watching:

Been waiting for this for a loooong time. And was as impressed as I could’ve hoped. Same amazing humor and animation laced with current icons like Twilight, Jersey Shore, MGMT, and Skrillex? Perfect storm. That Mike Judge…he’s pure fabulousity.
Um…Chopped??? Where have I been? OBSESSED! For some reason I had not seen this show before, but had heard of it. Now I have been watching marathons and DVRing old and new eps this past week. Love!!! Also Restaurant: Impossible

Really into food shows lately. 

4.) What I’m Eating:

Comin’ at ya: Black Bean soup recipe that I made for lunch earlier this week. I wish I had taken pictures, but I will definitely be recreating this soon.
Wawa turkey and veggie hoagie today…heavy on the veg. And their slammin’ chicken noodle soup. The noodles are so doughy and delish. Get ready for a recycled pic…
Oh…and these freakin’ peanut butter filled pretzels. Addicting.
^who gets to wear Lululemon jackets to work? Me. Half because I’m the only female and I don’t always have to look like a fashion plate, whew, and half ‘cuz my boys keep it ARCTIC up in here.
5.) What I’m Pinning:
Some swoonworthy shtuff I am lusting over:

Vitamix! Nikon1! And that workspace! Oh my!
And in addition to holiday decorating ideas, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for DIY Christmas gifts. I’m going home with Coop for Christmas this year and meeting most of his family for the first time, and I do not plan on going empty handed! Plus, I love all-things-festive. It’ll be fun to create a mixture of homemade and baked little gifts, and decorate them to make them very “me.”
(All sources and links can be found via my Pinterest.)
On tap for this weekend:
  • My first Zumba experience tonight. Eek!
  • A two hour mash-up of BodyCombat and BodyPump tomorrow morning. My thighs are hurting just typing that!!!
  • A night in Philly for one of Coop’s shows and possibly another Halloween party after if we can make it.
  • Make more Black Bean Soup and post the recipe….omigosh I’m in love.
  • Catch up on Breaking Bad, How to Make It in America, and a new episode of Dexter on Sunday!
Have a good one!

2 thoughts on “Wackadoodle.

  1. Laura @ LauraLikesDesign

    Ooo, let me know what you think of Zumba–I love it so much!
    Can't wait for the soup recipe! I am loving that workspace as well! Nice eye!

    My office is FREEZING too. I drink tea all day to stay warm!

  2. Sam Bock

    Oh my goodness, I loved Zumba!!! I started up against the wall and after the first song I had shimmied my way up to the front, haha….reminded me of my dancing days! So much fun.

    Remade the soup last night and I will post it tomorrow! Even my picky little sister liked it.


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