Just getting more awesome.

As I told you last week, my life has been pretty wackadoodle as of late.

Next week is a big one at my job (well, my day job…one of three, sheesh), and this was a crazy week of:

  • Drooooid going absolutely beserk (January 3rd = finally an upgrade = this Apple feind can finally get an iPhone) and running all over creation in search of a Verizon store that could help as my unchargable phone decided to flash hundreds of times and take numerous pictures as it sat, untouched, next to me, 
  • going on a crazy cool business trip for a client (let’s just say it involved lots of chocolate), 
  • cleaning areas of the house/garages to make room for my hundreds of boxes from storage in Tucson that are finally making their way back home next week thanks to my dad, 
  • attempting to finish up a bunch of commissions before I can start my holiday cards, 
  • and reorganizing my fitness and meal routines while doing so. 

Social life has been non-existent this week, and while I look forward to some fun this weekend (Bridesmaid/wedding dress shopping with my engaged BFF in my favorite Jersey town! Dinner at an Italian BYO in the city with good friends! Lazy football Sunday!), next week will hop right back into Crazytown.

Promise I will make it up to you with pictures, recipes, and new drawings and developments very soon. I will drop by from time to time in the next week with some illustrations and such.
I have some exciting things on the horizon.

In the meantime, while I won’t be able to create a Friday Five for today, I leave you with this, which I saw on Alyssa’s blog this morning.

It’s what I do.

xoxoxo, see you soon!

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