Total Wine = Heaven

Hey there!

Here is a look at my past week in a big ‘ol recap post:

Southwestern Quinoa, via Eating Bird Food…I only swapped a few things. I used cilantro instead of parsley, added in some garlic because I am addicted, and a few slices of avocado on top. LOVED this.

Woke up to an awful lot of fog last week. And cold. Blech.

Koda trying out Oscar’s backpack. Ready for school!

My new favorite smoothie after lifting. This is so different than my typical strawberry/banana/peanut butter smoothies. Dark Chocolate Almond Milk (amazing), half a frozen banana, big handful of frozen blueberries, vanilla SunWarrior protein, spinach, and cold water to thin it out. Much appreciated after my two hours of BodyCombat and BodyPump Saturday morning.

Artichoke ‘za on whole-wheat naan…great to make for a quick lunch. Heavy on the crushed red pepper, as per usual.

I have been a drawing machine. Here’s a little preview! Plus, I am one drawing down for my Christmas cards….two to go, and all three to color, preferably before my trip to Boston this weekend. Yeesh.

Kitty Puss (that’s what we call my sister’s cat, thanks to my family’s, and my best friend’s fiance’s, obsession with Cookie Puss. Thanks a lot, Pat) loves new adventures in the garage due to all my stuff that I finally got out of Tucson.

The Cookie Puss birthday tradition.

The man, the myth, the legend. Cookie Puss.

BIG thank you to my good friends Joe and Kristin and Sarah for keeping all of my crap for so long! And for Dave, Joe, and the girls helping me pack it all up while I had numerous breakdowns. I owe you big time. Joe and his family, who were hoarding the bulk of my stuff for me while I tried to figure out my crazy life, had moved my stuff upstairs (they were keeping it all in a few rooms in their finished basement) and ready to be put into the truck by the time my dad arrived. With an assembly line consisting of my friend, his brother, my dad, and my dad’s good friend who flew out just to be able to share drive time back, they loaded up the truck in no time. You guys are seriously the best.

Oh, and I am super pumped to have this guy back…..if only I can find a place where it will fit, since it is five times the size of me.

My LoveSac (TWSS)….best extraneous investment I ever made.

Also got my wine aerator, decanter, and Houdini opener back amongst all my stuff…so after Coop and I went to see Paranormal Activity 3 (our first movie date, somehow, after over 8 months), we were obviously drawn to one of my favorite stores ever. Like two kids in a candy store.

Total Wine <3

We found his favorite wine, and while we anticipated putting together a make-your-own six pack, I am a terrible decision maker and wanted about 130 gazillion beers. We cut it down to twelve different ones and are working our way through them all, splitting them in half in two frosty mugs. Our own little taste-testing, if you will. Best stay-in date ever.

This is what heaven looks like.

So far, this one is my fave. I do have a bit of a bias toward Flying Dog though…Ralph Steadman is one of my favorite artists. I even use some Flying Dog labels as bookmarks. Malty base, easy to drink, little nutty, little spicy, not too sweet….I’m in love. This one will be a winter regular for me.

I will definitely be posting a little review of each one…we wanted to take notes and see which ones are keepers. I love finding tasty new microbrews! Good thing the boy isn’t picky about beer, either. I guess with the last name “Bock,” I am destined to be a beer lover.

All in all, it was a crazy busy work week, topped off by a fantastic, relaxing weekend. In addition to our little taste-testing sesh, there was dinner at his fave Chinese buffet (one of the many gems of the state of Delaware. Also UDel and tax-free, what whaaat!), lots of show-watching (American Horror Story! So intriguing!), football-watching (Eagles and Ravens, womp womp. Get’chyo shit together. Thank goodness the Patriots won and the game was exciting at least), a gingerbread latte from Dunkin’ (it’s baaaack!), spending time with the pup and family, and some healthified mac’n’cheese that I made similarly to my buffalo mac’n’cheese. Just omitted the buffalo sauce and used some shredded chicken breasts that had been marinated in verde sauce.

Breadcrumby goodness.

It was a perfect weekend.

Excuse my phone pictures…I am so in the market for a good, new camera. 

Have a great week!

Send prayers out to my dad if you can, he’s going through some tough things this week and I wish him the best…he is the most selfless, loving, caring, wonderful person I know, next to my mama, and he deserves the world. Love you, Daddy!

2 thoughts on “Total Wine = Heaven

  1. meghan

    You are so good! Buffalo mac and cheese done healthy. And I love quinoa.

    My gym just somehow figured out how to charge me after my credit card changed over, so I may start going back there to do body pump. I've really got to get on this lifting stuff if I want to see a difference in my arms before the wedding in July. The running is great, but it's killing my hips. Ah!

    And the 12 beers are so much fun! I love trying beers out, and this looks like a great way to do it!

  2. Sam Bock

    Oh my gosh!! BodyPump has changed my life!!! My arms have always been my weakest muscles and Pump toned them up noticeably within a few weeks. I try to do it at least twice a week….I'm hooked!!! It will do wonders for toning your arms for your upcoming wedding. I'd love to become an instructor one day.

    Aaaand I feel ya on the hips….I have bad bursitis from years of dancing and take arthritis medication. Lovely. That's why running is so tough for me!


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