Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, happy Thanksgiving Eve!


I am really excited for Thanksgiving; it just may be my favorite holiday….

It’s the official kick-off to the holiday season (for me, anyway, and I can finally allow myself to decorate, wrap, and listen to Christmas music to my little heart’s abandon), I get to see a bunch of family that I usually only see once a year (all of whom I am incredibly lucky and thankful for), Coop and Oscar are joining us this year and being introduced to even more family…oh yeah, and the drinking and eating, which comes in abundance.

Shenanigans always ensue…one year, my cousins discovered a little blue bottle of “Mad Dog” amongst all the liquor and wines, which the boys (including my dad) thought they should chug. Not after giving my grandma a shot first, of course.

It was her first shot ever. What?

Also can’t wait to see my cousins (two of whom are currently adorably preggers) who also happen to have the cutest kids ever. It is always a fun group.

I’m excited to recap my Boston mini-trip…great company, tons of walking and seeing all the ‘hoods, and soooo much delicious food. I want to do a two- or three-part recap once I get more (and better) pictures from my friends, but until then, here is a little preview of some fun things we did.

The food we ate was un. Real.

Hot Lobster Roll
Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls and Fried Clams at Davio’s
Spinach,  Egg, Roasted Red Pepper & Fontina

Yet, I reenforced the fact that I just do not like goat cheese, try as I might.

Tastes musty….blech.

Want to see a 5′ girl next to a 7′ (+?) college basketball coach? Sure you do!

(Is that unreal or WHAT?)

Had a wonderful time at a beer fest with my fellow Dogfish Head lover.

Sah’ tea is AMAZING.
Offshore Nutbrown Ale…oh. My gosh.

And just seein’ the sights!

The verdict? It is easily the cleanest, most walkable city I have been to on the East Coast…absolutely gorgeous, tons of culture and great architecture, so many awesome restaurants…I can’t believe it took me this long to get up there! If it didn’t get so freakin’ cold, I could totally see myself moving there.

Speaking of great cities, I’m still learning and loving mine. I was really excited when I got this interview from Yelp in my inbox yesterday…Top Chef alum Jen Carroll, a Philly native, talks about her favorite places around town.

How cute is she?

I love some of the places she talks about, and some I have yet to try. She mentions Race Street Cafe, our go-to spot.

(From their Facebook page)

I am loving exploring the city I grew up in a suburb of and yet never really got the chance to immerse myself in since I moved across the country for years. Plus, it makes it all the more fun having a really good lookin’ tour guide.

I am super sore after intense cardio, BodyPump, and BodyCombat this week. Going to start my long weekend off with a BodyPump class right after work and possibly try out some Tabata intervals…but don’t hold your breath on that one. I have a fabulous blister on my heel from walking around Boston all weekend, so those may hafta wait for a few days. I’m looking forward to some serious yoga on Friday, and another two-hour Pump/Combat challenge on Saturday. All in preparation for the holiday eats (no restrictions over here) and a day off on Sunday.

I have a fun little thing planned on that day….stay tuned 😉

  • Where are you having Thanksgiving? Hosting it yourself? Traveling somewhere? For as long as I can remember, we have traveled to Baltimore to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a big ol’ family get-together.
  • Do you have any favorite spots in your city? We love Race Street Cafe in Old City…not just for the amazing food, but also their spectacular beer list. And the Bloody Marys, I’m in love…the place is a late-nighter or a bruncher’s dream.
  • Have you ever tried a Tabata interval workout?

Safe travels, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. meghan

    Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!! The food looks fantastic, and it sounds like Boston was amazing. I love that city, and I would totally love to live there. It just gets too cold for me in the winter. I couldn't deal with a foot of snow being standard. I've never been to Philadelphia, though, but would like to go.


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