Empire State vs. Chrysler Building

NYC is magical….


….even when you make a trip just to get away from it all.

I didn’t know that was possible in New York, but we just had the best mini-getaway.

Our main mission: to not have any plans. To have no distractions. No temptations to “just run to the gym real quick” or  having roommates and doggies running amok. It was just the two of us, toting overnight bags and two bottles of champagne, two hours from home, with aspirations of ordering room service and watching the Food Network.

And that we did.

It involved the best “frickles” I have ever had.

Spinach and artichoke dip and a ridiculous(ly good) chicken burger with sundried tomato aioli.

And red wine.

Hey, reflection!

And thanks to his and hers iPhones (um, do they do everything?), we found a nearby jazz club once we decided to stop being lazy. Where I am pretty sure they thought we were someone we were not. Treated like royalty (it was super funny but super weird) and the owner wanted a picture with us…

I like his “JAZZ” pin…and not sure what is happening with our hair. Just roll with it.

Then we ventured back to the hotel, where we decided we should take advantage of the 24-hr access to the rooftop.

Where we proceeded to argue for a good twenty minutes + about which was the Chrysler Building and which was the Empire State Building.
(Does anyone else think of the song from Annie when they hear “Chrysler Building?”)

(I may or may not have been wrong…)

A leisurely brunch after checkout in the morning before the mad rush of the Giants game…

Southwestern egg burrito and Bloody Marys. Duh.

Said goodbye to our friend the Empire State Building.

And came home to this guy.

We decided this shall be a “calm-after-the-holiday-storm” tradition….it was absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Already looking forward to next year.

But for now? Happy 2012…

I have huge aspirations to make this the best year yet. So far?

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