Thumbprint Wedding Guestbook!

….that is what I worked on last week!

Can’t say it is my original idea…there are a slew of them on sale by different artists on Etsy. A friend of mine contacted me to see if I could make one in time for her friend’s wedding shower tomorrow.

And so I accepted; I thought it is a super cool idea! Of course, I put my own spin on it. And threw in a couple love birds.

(Photoshopped some green thumbprints on it to see what it could look like. It could look pretty with different greens and even pink….like flower blossoms! Or red, yellow, and orange for a fall wedding.)

This particular one is 16″ x 20″ and can hold roughly 150 thumbprints, give or take. Put a pretty frame on it, and you are good to go! Fun gift for a wedding or baby shower or any other event where you would want a guestbook.

Let me know if you are interested in a thumbprint guestbook! I can hook you up. 😉

**UPDATE: These are now for sale on my new Etsy site!**

Have a happy Friday, friends! I’m enjoying mine with a Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut cawf and some particularly awful DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness…..thanks, heavy bag!).


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