More About Tone It Up and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Verdict so far on Tone It Up?

Besides making me want to buy everything Oakley,


these uber-fit girls also make a mean Nutrition Plan and serve as amazing role models and inspiration.

Okay, so I don’t follow the plan perfectly by any means…I pretty much already eat the way their “maintenance” nutrition plan is most of the time, and as I am pretty active and also am not looking to lose any weight, I don’t follow some of the stricter guidelines as perfectly.

Case in point? Along with my kale/onion/tomato/quinoa/mushroom/bean/balsamic/EVOO salad today,

I am also having a Caprese Burger (mozz! tomato! basil! pesto! yum!) and some sweet potato fries.

I also have dinner chillin’ in the CrockPot at home, a black bean, ground turkey, and sweet potato chili inspired by Gina’s.

If I was following the TIU plan, they do not promote certain types of foods after the afternoon hours hit. However, I know my body, and the types of foods that I need, and why I crave certain ones. “Diet” in the sense of restricting certain foods completely and calorie-counting will never be in my vernacular or lifestyle. Like I said, since I am very active fitness-wise 5-6 days out of the week, I need a decent caloric intake due to the intense cardio and lifting in order to keep my energy up, blood sugars up, and metabolism hummin’. I know what works for me…but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn how to eat smarter!

What I do love about the plan is that Karena and Katrina have really built a super healthy and yet totally doable platform of eating. They teach you how to combine foods to get the right proteins and vitamins absorbed into your body, and encourage a 5-meal-a-day plan…so you still get to eat…a lot! They basically teach you to eat like an athlete. I love the fact that they are all about health, and not “skinny.” Fit is beautiful! I also am loving the recipes they have, and lots of other tips and tricks. Their Meta-D drink is a metabolism boosting concoction that I just tried for the first time today and I love it…definitely felt more alert afterwards. They also encourage what they call a morning “Booty Call,” which is essentially just getting your butt out of bed a little earlier and getting moving, somehow, someway, whether it is a doggy walk or a workout, in order to get your metabolism goin’. I already feel more energized since I decided to join the team and have been trying some new things I have learned via Tone It Up. I also plan on doing their 7 Day Slimdown, exclusive to the Nutrition Plan, before my Vegas vaycay at the end of March. Just a little extra tightening up before a week of afternoon sun sessions (just bought my new bikini for it!) and itty-bitty Vegas dresses. Oh, Vegas, how I have missed you.

What it also has done for me so far is motivate me to be more aware of my eating, how often I eat, and what types of foods I eat and when. I am not going to become a food-Nazi at any point, but it has been interesting to notice that I eat very carb-heavy. I was also surprised at how many veggies I actually eat throughout the day, and I have upped that even more the past week. K & K urge you to eat “Lean, Clean & Green” as much as possible, and remind you that if you take off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from exercise and healthy eats, that is half of the month! Overall, TIU will positively impact my lifestyle eating and help me to make smarter (and still tasty!) choices.

Of course, if you know me, you know I love my beer, wine, pizza, chocolate, and of course, ice cream. And while I limit myself with those (I don’t eat them everyday), they are not going anywhere…don’t you worry.

Work hard, play hard. I work hard to keep my body healthy and fuel it with the foods it needs and deserves…aaaand because of that discipline, I never feel guilty about indulging. If you restrict yourself from certain things, you just may go balls to the wall and eat your body weight in it when you get a chance. So…when I want a cookie, or three, I go for it. All about BALANCE, mes amis!

Overall, I really think it is a wonderful program, and I look forward to seeing and feeling the positive changes in my body and well-being. If you have any questions about Tone It Up, feel free to email me!

Sorry for the word-heavy post! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday…another yoga sesh tonight (tried hot yoga last night for the first time…LOVE), and it benefits the Humane Society. ‘Cuz our furry friends need some lovin’ too!

(I may or may not be creating a yoga animal series veryyyy soon…keep your eyes peeled! 🙂 )

xoxoxo, Happy Weekend!!!

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