Super Bowl, Slim Down, and a Fashion Question

Super Bowl

So my Super Bowl menu was pretty great…even if the Pats didn’t win.

Luckily, Coop didn’t jump off a ledge…although I was nervous there for a second.

Gronk (my fellow Arizona alum) fans!

The day started off with a veggie-filled omelette, one of Coop’s specialties. I sauteed, he chopped the onion….my most-hated kitchen job!!!….and then I left the rest up to him.

Um, how do boys make such perfect omelettes? Mine NEVER stay together this beautifully. I will keep him.

Much wine and beer was consumed alongside all of this:

Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls! 
Pepper Jack Tostitos, Homemade Pita Chips,
and a healthified Spinach, Artichoke, and Feta Dip

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie….dough. YUM.

Layered Taco Dip, Eggrolls, and a Creeper

Let me know if you want any of the recipes!

Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down

Thanks to all of the amazing indulgences via my past weekend, today is my first day of the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down. Not trying to lose any weight, but I am going to follow the plan as best as possible in order to prime myself to eat more Lean, Green, and Clean. It’ll help get rid of that bloated feeling and  will help make healthy, clean eating even more of a habit. This is a bit of a test run, as I plan on doing the Slim Down again before my Vegas vacation (flights booked! Woop woop!) to detox and tighten up a bit before a glorious week of bikinis, drinks, and little dresses. Oh, and I plan on indulging hardcore at my favorite chef’s restaurant. Mesa Grill!

Somehow I have never been here despite my insane love for Las Vegas, Bobby Flay and southwestern food.

Tonight I plan on taking an idea from Bess (she is on day two of her second 7DSD…her posts about it are great!) and making enough protein pancakes for the week and freezing them so that I can just microwave them in the morning. Easy peasy. 

I only wish mine could look as pretty as hers.


Any Tone It Up girls out there, let me know if you are doing the Slim Down this week! I know a lot of people are doing it to finish off strong in the Toned In ’12 Challenge (and just in time for Valentine’s Day).

Fashion Question

Quick question to my fashionista readers who are much more savvy than me when it comes to this stuff:

I have a $100 J.Crew gift card. I collect lots of bracelets (big layering fiend) and I have loved this since I saw it on {av}’s blog

I think it may be pretty to layer with this Marc By Marc Jacobs one that I have. Or it may be overkill?

BUT! I have also been wanting a new “statement” necklace, and I kinda like this one.

What do you think? I am envisioning my vacation and which I would want to wear more.

Have a fabulous day!!! xoxo

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  1. Bess @ Bess be fit

    Haha what is goin on with your pancake?! LOL you are funny 🙂 PS I tagged you in a post of mine…it'll be up soon!


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