My Otter Half

Want to spread some love on Valentine’s Day? Here’s a few fun-lovin’ things for V-Day 2012!

Here is a sketch I planned on coloring before today, but life has been pretty crazy lately! For those of you who don’t know, my dad went in for surgery last week for prostate cancer and is home recovering…so far, so good! The Bocks really enjoy kicking cancer in the tuchus.

Happy V-Day to all my loves…

Also, try this workout today if you want to feel the burn on this Valentine’s Day! It is harder than it looks…and the girls are super-cute!

Another way to share the love today? Email Love Grown Foods today with your address ( with ‘VDAY LOVE’ as the subject), and they will send you (and your Valentine!) a free bag of their granola. Yesssssss.

Doing anything fun for V-Day? I am celebrating by eating chocolate and doing a Barre class and some yoga. 😉


And congrats to all my Tone It Uppers who finished their 7 Day Slim Down today. You girls rock!

As for the Slim Down, today is technically my last day….but I have not been following the plan as closely as intended. Which is okay! I ate cleaner and more raw, but still had some diversions in the form of chocolate, Greek yogurt, wine, quinoa, peanut butter…and even with that, I still have a tighter belly and lost some bloat. The effects of this plan are amazing, and I can’t even imagine what they are like if you actually stick to it for the week. After the first four days, I felt great and was ready to incorporate my carb-loves back into my life…plus, my workout routine is too intense not to. I will definitely do the Slim Down before my vacation in March, but for now, this mini-SD was exactly what I needed. <3

2 thoughts on “My Otter Half

  1. Sam Bock

    Thanks! I need to color it, but hopefully it will turn out the way I envisioned!

    Things are crazy around here, I may hafta email you! Artist vent sesh? Haha


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