Birthday Girl! & Weekend Shenanigans

Today….is a special day.

It is somebody’s 21st birthday!!

Noooo, not Koda. You are only about 10 in doggy years! Too young for alcohol.

There, there.

Baby Sister is 21!!! It is about time.

The family celebrated early on Friday with some pizza, ice cream cake, and a few presents. We are going on a trip to Vegas at the end of March, so that is her main “birthday celebration,” but the grandparents wanted to come wish her a happy birthday.

It wouldn’t be a Bock family celebration without awkward family photos

How cute is Poppy in his sweater?!

and shenanigans like my grandmother and I accidentally lighting the ice cream cake on fire.

Coop was at a show in Upstate NY Friday, so I was excited to venture over to Philly Saturday and spend some time with him after my Saturday morning double session of BodyCombat & BodyPump and then lunch at Chipotle with Allie and Oscar.

Remember? The Chipotle addicts.

Coop suggested we go to try some local places we haven’t been yet, and I happily obliged. We walked to the nearby Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant to try out some apps and beer.

Fried Mac & Cheese and Fried Pickles. Ohhh my goodness. The “frickles” weren’t quite as jaw-dropping as our favorite ones in NYC, but they were still so, so good. So not on the Tone It Up plan…but everything in moderation!!

We each had a Flying Fish Grand Cru, and then I went with the Dogfish Head Stout and Coop had the Sixpoint Signal Rauchbier. Good thing I took a taste of Weyerbacher Tango before ordering a full glass…as a huge WB Imperial Pumpkin Ale lover, I thought I would no doubt love their Belgian Dark Ale. Uh….not so much. Neither one of us could even finish the sample. Fail! Luckily the beer we ended up choosing was great.

Our waitress was wonderful, too. We will definitely be returning…especially since their “Coming Up” list of brews-to-come on tap was pretty stellar.

We were craving some red wine, and they were out of the Malbec we wanted, so we hit up a wine & fondue place nearby. The two wines we tried were amazing…but the service was totally awful. Sorry, Beneluxx. We won’t be back. Even though the drink list was pretty amazing!

Sunday was the ultimate lounge day. T-shirts, yoga pants, warm and fuzzy socks.

We’re cool, I know.

Who’s Pete Sake?

We were all about TV (Chopped, TripleD, etc.) and movies (Moneyball…had some funny parts, was pretty intriguing, but also had some slow parts).

Coop left for the gym, and since I didn’t feel like paying $15 bucks to go running, I stayed behind and watched The Lion King and Aladdin while doing a little at-home workout full of planks, squats, core work, pushups, pull ups from his bedroom’s rafters, and belting out Disney lyrics. I pretty much looked super cool.

Sushi take-out from Uzu (right next to Philadelphia B&R!) accompanied the new episode of The Walking Dead. 

We shared Miso soup, a house salad with ginger dressing, a Cali roll, a Mexican roll (grilled chicken, avocado, and a spicy sauce), a Boston roll (lettuce and shrimp), a King Kani (spicy crab)….but the show-stealer was definitely this guy:

The Mellow Yellow….yellowtail, mango, and cream cheese. Oh. My gosh.

I had made a little goody bag of snacks for Coop because he was supposed to be in New York this week at a hotel as he trains for his new job, but he actually ended up not having to go there this week and is just going to the regular office in PA. So….we dug into that little bag of goodness for dessert. The bag is full of Clif ZBars (Iced Oatmeal Cookie!!), Love Grown Cocoa Goodness granola, Larabars, Goldfish, and other snacks (….and a little bottle of Jack Daniel’s). Multiple Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs and a shared Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar were consumed post-dinner.

And YAY for Coop’s first day on the new job today! I know he will be a rockstar.

Lots of freelance and fun new projects, new recipes, and other fun things on the way. March will be an absolutely amazing month…lots of get togethers with friends, little Allie will be able to come play with us due to her FINALLY being 21, Coop has some good shows lined up, St. Patty’s Day (I got a new shirt to wear this year….LOVE it, maybe even more than my typical Paddy’s Pub shirt), we’re seeing Justice in Philly on the 20th (YES.), and then….Vegas! Cannot wait to recap all of the awesome things we have coming up. And hopefully I will have some more illustration and design projects that I will be able to share with you soon.

Until then….have a great week! xoxo

  • Question: I just bought chia seeds and nutritional yeast….I have a few recipes lined up that I want to try, but do any of my healthy-living bloggers have some great ideas? I made Brittany’s Chia Pudding with Rolled Oats on Saturday morning post-workout and I am totally obsessed with it!! Topped with Love Grown granola….perfect. I will post more about it in the future, I am sure.
Chia Pudding with Love Grown granola!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Girl! & Weekend Shenanigans

  1. Laura @ LauraLikesDesign

    Ah, I loved all of the recaps in this! Too funny that you guys both wore fuzzy socks–I stash a pair of those in my purse for whenever we head over to my in-law's…their house is always FREEZING!

    So exciting that the little sis is 21! That's such a fun birthday! I love the Disney movie action and workouts during it–what a good idea! I've been stretching in the morning while I watch the news and sip makes it easier lol.

    Ice cream cake sounds so, so good right now! I haven't had that in so long! Can't wait for the project recaps. Have a great day!

  2. Sam Bock

    Haha glad you liked it! His house is gorgeous, but one of the oldest in Philadelphia…and so, I guess, the country! And my feet are always frozen on the wood floors!

    I need to wake up a little earlier in the morning to stretch, that sounds so nice.

    Yes, hopefully I can share some of my recent/current projects soon! I also have some personal drawings I would like to get up here.

    And….ice cream cake is one of the finest foods on the planet. Luckily, I only eat it a couple times a year…because I could easily eat it everyday!!


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