Just So You Know….

First, I discovered this via coupon attached to my receipt after buying out my grocery store’s stock in Chobani….

And then last night, this happened….

……and they are all as phenomenal as you may imagine.

(I obviously had to taste-test each one before feeding them to my family for dessert tonight.)

Buy them, like, now. Or yesterday. That Blueberry Vanilla Graham? Oh. Gosh.

Tonight I am making blackened shrimp tacos, chicken enchiladas, and skinny “jalapeno poppers,” which will essentially just be mini, spicy, baked mozz sticks. Well, pepper jack and habanero cheese sticks. Just another trial in the kitchen, I will post the recipe if they turn out!

So happy it is finally Friday. And although I am not sure what our plans are tomorrow, I can promise you that I will be celebrating my Irish heritage and wearing the best green shirt ever. You HAVE to drink beer on St. Paddy’s Day. And then a week of eating super clean (the TIU 7 Day Slimdown, perhaps?) for my trip to Vegas. So that I can indulge guilt-free! That is what vacations are allll about.

In other news, I am officially a nail polish addict. I have bought so much Essie nail polish that CVS has decided I get a free one.

I love receipt surprises!!!!

Happy weekend, friends! xoxo
Have any plans for St. Paddy’s Day?

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