The Mustard-Colored Apartment

Tomorrow is the day….my return to Vegas! I haven’t been there in two years, and for someone who was relatively a local for a few years, I CANNOT WAIT to get back there!! The southwest owns my heart.

Before I leave, let me recap a bit.

Although most of my meals have been super nutrient-and-veggie-dense this week (hey, pool parties!) and have looked like this:

….the week before, not so much. First was dinner I cooked at my parent’s house last Friday…homemade guac, green chili chicken enchiladas, and blackened shrimp tacos with cabbage, radicchio, an avocado cilantro crema (made with plain Chobani), and homemade pico de gallo. I could eat like this every day.

Then St. Paddy’s Day in Philly.

First we met a friend at a house party. Coop called to get the details about where to meet, and when he said, “Oh okay, the mustard-colored apartment?” I scoured the horizon for a bright yellow, French’s colored building. Then he pointed here.

“That’s mustard-colored?”
“Yes you know, like, spicy brown kind?”

…really? I would never consider that mustard-colored, but okay!

After the mustard party, we headed to Moriarty’s for some drinks and apps. If you are ever in the area, Moriarty’s is known for their wings. They are amazing! I didn’t have any this time, but they are killer. The  girls from my dance studio and I used to go here before we would see any Broadway shows at the Forrest Theatre.

Even Stacy was in the St. Patrick’s mood!

The next day, Coop and I wanted to try something a little different. Sunday was gorgeous here, so we opted to walk to South Street again. This time, German food was on our mind.

Two Germans at Brauhaus Schmitz!

Ohhhh my goodness. We both agreed this is one of the top places we have ever been. The atmosphere was awesome (the front of the restaurant was open-air since it was so nice out), our server was fab, beer selection was amazing, and the food was spectacular. Fresh-baked bread, a delicious soft-pretzel, smokey fish spread, spatzle with veggies, housemade bratwurst (I just typed “mousemade”…..Ratatouille on my mind), sauerkraut….everything was on point. So different and so fun!

Oh….and two mustards came out with our pretzel. One is what I would consider “mustard-colored”, and the other is what Coop apparently considers “mustard-colored.”

Just like the building! He is a treat.

I also laughed at “WinterFahrt.” Because I am a twelve year old boy.

We then stopped in the Adidas store where Coop picked up some sweet new high-tops and I lusted over interesting kicks and gear of my own….


And then I talked him into sharing a humungous fro-yo on the way home, in true foodie form, of course. 🙂

Hope you all had a great week…happy Friday!!! Enjoy your weekend….I know I will! See ya when I return!

Oh….and to hold you over here until I get back from my vaycay… you may watch the penguin cam.

…you’re welcome.

The ‘guin Cam <- click here for instant happiness.

As my BFF said (thanks for the penguin links, Biggie), “Penguin has to get to the stock markets. Penguin has work to do.”

Freakin’ penguins. So cool.

3 thoughts on “The Mustard-Colored Apartment

  1. Allena Mistral Jewelry

    So fahrt means he/she/it rides/goes. I kinda laugh every time we use it in class… 😛 The German food looks GREAT!

  2. meghan

    Have so much fun in Vegas! I can't wait to be there in May! It sounds like it'll be a super fun trip. And as usual your food looks just delicious. I was so on it with my eating and working out this week, but that needs to keep going for the next few months. Thanks always for the motivation! I love tweeting or seeing your Pinterest or your blogs to stay excited! I even requested the Black Pearl for BodyCombat this morning…I really hope she plays it. I think I'll be mildly disappointed if not.

  3. Sam Bock

    Yay! I love this! I'm happy to motivate…a healthy lifestyle can be so fun…and balance is key, for me. Black Pearl is soooo much fun!!! I haven't taken Combat in like two weeks, tonight is my first night back! Longest I have been away from it.


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