Vegas Part I: Oscar Does Yoga & The Sexy Sax Man


As I am fighting off a weird stomach bug (acquired the last few days of my trip….great!), I haven’t been able to do much the last few days, and regressed today. NOT fun.

Anyway, the next few posts will be mostly picture documentation of our Vegas trip. I will eventually put together a Best Of Vegas post, as I have been there many times, and it seems like many of you will be making a visit within the next year. In the meantime, I finally came up with the right name for my blog, and I will be using the Vegas trip recap posts to hold you guys over while I make the switch to my own domain (and to WordPress!). Slowly but surely! There will be some major construction going on, but I promise it will be worth it! Any WP lovers, feel free to give me tips…this is confusing!

In the mean time, keep checking here until I debut my new blog (although all of my posts will transfer over to the newbie, too) with a new look, a giveaway, and a fitness/health post! Can’t wait, lots of new things comin’….just stick with me!

But for now….VEGAS, BABY!

Part One

Their first Vegas gamble!
Excited! But this would be the last picture taken with my iPhone before it got stolen…

Donald Butler from the Chargers


My seat for most of the trip…in the back with the bags!

Oscar stretching it out before we go out…

“I call this ‘scorpion!’ See my pinchers?”

Windiest day ever!!!

Yardhouse is my dream come true…

“I’m not getting a sig on my beeper…” 
Beers make moms hide in bushes…

…and make us smile pretty….

 …and watch Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores on our phones…

….and CRY laughing for a solid hour. Surprised no one clapped when we finally left the restaurant. But we continued the sexy saxophoning well into the trip…

In my backseat with the leftovers!

Part II will come…..bringing about some videos of Oscar sexy-saxin’ in public, Coop arrives and we have a pretty sweet dance party, and we get some street performers on the Strip to perform the George Michael hit for us. First videos on here ever!

More to come. Now I will continue to sit here and try to stomach my ginger ale as I attempt to decipher this WordPress mumbo jumbo! xoxox

3 thoughts on “Vegas Part I: Oscar Does Yoga & The Sexy Sax Man

  1. Laura @ LauraLikesDesign

    Please share your story about your iPhone…that is horrible news! How did it happen?!

    1. Sam @ The Balance Artist Post author

      Ugh!! I was at Lavo (the club in the Palazzo) and we were about to leave to go to Marquee…I texted my bf (he didn’t arrive to Vegas until a couple days later), put my phone in my wristlet, and snapped it shut. Clutched it as I walked down the stairs and amongst a sea of people, and when we got to the taxi line outside, my camera fell out of my bag and hit the ground. I went to pick it up and put it back in my purse, wondering why it was even open, I remembered snapping it. Aaaand boom. iPhone is MIA. Walked up and down the club and enlisted lots of helpers in case it fell out, but no dice. I think I was pick-pocketed. Luckily we locked it via “Where’s My iPhone” app and then I called Verizon right away and they rendered it useless. Still had to be without a phone for a couple days and pay an insurance deductible (almost as much as my phone in the first place) and had it shipped out there by Tuesday. I lost it Saturday night…VERY much a hassle!!!

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