Vegas Part III: Ziplines & Sunshine

(You can find Part I and Part II here!)

Yay for fringe bikinis and Coop’s arrival!

C’mon…you didn’t think that between Coop and I, we wouldn’t fit in some crazy healthy eats, too, right?? Having kitchens on vacation = amazing.

Why did we do this? Because Rob Dyrdek did. And we are obsessed.

I’d have killed for a turnout like that when I was a dancer…sheesh. In schooling Coop on the ballet positions, he whipped out this fifth position. Like a pro. He’s going to kill me for posting this. 😉

We frolicked around Fremont Street and drank our 50 oz drinks….and thoroughly enjoyed them. I didn’t even come close to finishing that bad boy.

…which led to shenanigans like this…

Yes, afterwards we realized that we were not even doing correct “double dutch” hand motions. We are quite a group.

Obviously, we asked every street performer to play the Sexy Sax Man song.

We ran back SO fast when we heard this violinist start to play after we walked by. I have not laughed this hard in a very long time…pretty sure I snorted again in this one.

Biggest omelette of all time.

Banana bread that came with our humungo fruit platter at Peppermill.

I will take him as a waiter any day, thanks.

…not sure where my eyebrows went during that picture….

After the waiter kept forgetting Allie’s drinks, he brought her 16 Diet Cokes at once.

Happy birthday, Allie and Grandma!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I will be back to regular posting next week. More recipes, art, and ramblings. Hope you enjoyed the Vegas recaps, though! xoxoxo

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