Some happenings and obsessions lately:

1.) Homemade granola rocks. Chia Peanut Butter Walnut granola with local Jersey honey.

So is homemade chia jam…I based this off of Brittany’s, but made it with frozen blackberries and blueberries.

2.) I love Philly. Including running the Ben Franklin Bridge,

And eating egg sandwiches afterwards on Race Street Pier…..

Art fairs on Penns Landing and frozen yogurt,

Seeing people stroll their bonnet-ed baby along in a hot rod,

And all of the delicious food. This city is a foodie’s dream.

North Third is still one of the BEST brunch spots.

Checking the Menu Pages app to see if Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant still serves oysters…no, but it didn’t even matter after the amazing meal we shared of frickles, grilled veggies with goat cheese, and a turkey burrito that was ah, maze, ing. Pictures don’t do it justice. This place is a home run every single time.

Also, Sundays have become my favorite days. Nothing is better than Sunday brunch or a leisurely dinner with wine, all on an incredibly sunny, warm day.

3. I am becoming an accessory addict.

Finally the owner of a Chan Luu, thanks to Rue La La!

4. As well as a wasabi pea addict.

5. My dog is starting to like “rides” even better than “walks”…..

6. And I am adding two new cards for sale on Etsy tomorrow afternoon! Check back soon!



Have any fun obsessions lately?

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