A Merry Christmas for All…

So things have been pretty festive/crazy around here.

Early Christmas dinner (since I will be in New Hampshire starting tomorrow…I was in charge of the appetizers! Recipes to come):

And a little gift giving. I got a certificate for a massage!!! My very first one (can you believe that?). And…..my Vitamix is in the mail as we speak. 🙂 I am a happy girl.

Merry Christmas to meeeeee!

Yesterday I got my hurr did and was talking to the salon owner about how we sort of, kind of, secretly love all of this holiday hustle and bustle. Just wouldn’t be the holidays without it. Of course, I still cannot wait for all of the cooking/baking/decorating/spending/running around to slow down a bit.

And I try to remember the reason for the season, as well as give back to others who are a little less fortunate. One of my favorite yoga instructors organized an amazing Karma Yoga session last weekend….it was a HUGE turnout and afterwards she was able to deliver over 30 bags of food to a local pantry!! Something good for your mind/body, and something great for others.
(Sidebar…just found out Jimmy Rollins goes to my yoga studio. Jus’ sayin’.)

I also donated a Target gift card to my hair stylist’s neighbors; a few houses caught on fire this week and the families suffered a lot of losses, although no one was hurt, thankfully. She is collecting gift cards and clothing in this time of need for these families. Awful events like that really put things in perspective for you, and help you to really appreciate what you have.

After some last minute wrapping and packing (and a BodyPump sesh), I will be heading to Philly for a chill night before leaving for New Hampshire tomorrow for a few days, where I will have to dress like this:

I am so excited! Definitely in need of a mini vaycay. I am all ready with some homemade gifts, white elephant gifts, my new camera, and my yoga mat…going to try to practice a little bit during the break. Hope I don’t forget anything…if so, at least New Hampshire is tax-free! Woop woop. Gonna be a good time.

Oh! And the winner of the OXO Good Cookie giveaway is….Meghan!! Contact me with your address and I will get your package out in the mail!

I hope you all have amazing Christmases and Hanukkahs and Christmakuhs! xoxoxo

How do you like to give back to others less fortunate?

Any fun plans for the holidays? Traditions? Travels?

4 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas for All…

  1. Leanna

    Looks like you've been busy with all that cooking!

    I'm loving those ornaments hanging from your light too. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. LauraLikesDesign

    I love the idea of the mixed treats jar! Two of my favorite things in one container? Sign me up! Did you wrap those gifts? Seriously so cute!

  3. Sam Bock

    Ah, I have been! Looking forward to a bit of a break, even though I love it. The ornaments on the hanging light were totally my little sister…I like it too! Have a great holiday 🙂


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