TGIF and a Tangent!

Helloooo, and welcome, Friday!!

Friday! You came!

It has been QUITE a week over here, and I am definitely excited for some beach ‘n’ NYC lovin’ this weekend.

In case you are just stopping by for the first time…WELCOME to my little blog! I just started this Monday. Lots has happened this week, I have been a busy little bee. We will touch on more goings-on next week, but for now, here is a recap:

I started the blog I have been talking about for ages! Lez go.

Happy birthday to Coop! And a new drawing.

Diet Mountain Dew cupcakes and wine in whiskey glasses.

Happy Jersday! And the first Throwback Thursday.

And that brings you to TGIF (whenever I hear that phrase, I think of the TV show lineup. Remember how AWESOME ABC’s TGIF was in the 90’s? Full House? Family Matters? Dinosaurs? Step by Step? Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Clueless? Boy Meets World?!?!?! Bring me back)!

Oh Mr. Feeny!

Fact: I saw Topanga…or, Danielle Fishel….playing blackjack at the Palazzo in Vegas a couple years ago.

She no longer wears scrunchies, unfortunately.

My girl Topangs

This weekend I plan on:

Debuting my seksi new BEACH chair!

Better late than never…?

Little of this:

I did not sculpt these dinos fighting to the death, but I really wish I did.

This, however, I did create. We shall dicuss my undying love for the Disney character Stitch next week. Don’t judge.

San Diego, I Heart You.

Some of this:


Lotsa this:

Photo by Joe Spause!

Aaaaand this:

“I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can.” ….just kidding. GO PHILS!

Oh, and, likely, some of this:

Dance, dance.

Check out that dead-ringer for Michael Bolton in the background.

Speaking of Michael Bolton, I hope you have all seen this. If not, you are welcome.

…Sorry for flying off on 3,429 tangents, there. Promise I will be more focused next week. 🙂

See you on Monday, lovebugs! Enjoy your weekend as much as i will!

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