‘Tis the Season!

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

It is my favorite day of the year. Family, food, and drinking. Yes, please! In my state of constant bourbon-slush-to-the-face, I only got one picture of the night….but at least it’s a good one.

That luscious pillow of calories would be my first time baking brie. With my own cranberry sauce. And toasted agave-cinnamon pecans. Drool. Anyone want the recipe?

Starting to feel like winter around these parts. I am really starting to love living on the East Coast again, and nothing is comparable to the holiday season here. But it is certainly getting COLD!

Scarf weather! (And a sweaty drummer.)

Husky doesn’t mind it, though!

Made another trip to Terrain, my favorite place in the world. I literally walk around this place for hours, beaming from ear to ear like a crazy person, even after picking up every item and flipping it over to see its often gargantuan price tag. $148 for an inscribed copper serving tray! Totally justifiable…right? At least many items are more reasonable than the $72 biscuits from the Williams-Sonoma catalog. (<funniest article of all time.)

Is this place a winter wonderland, or what? I met up with one of my best friends that was in town for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the date, Kim!
That mushroom skillet I got the last time Coop and I were there is still the best thing I have had at Terrain. I don’t even LOVE mushrooms! It’s just that good.

Also, fingerling fries with chili remoulade and pumpkin pancakes. Get on our level.

Going back on Friday to pick up a few more decorations. I will share once I have them up!

Be on the lookout for a post with my new Christmas cards for the year. If you are interested in ordering, let me know! Etsy is currently being updated, with $3 satin-finish single card sales, as well as $14 10-packs of high-gloss cards (with the same image) and $19 10 packs of satin-finish mix-n-match cards. I am also able to compile a special order, so let me know what you are thinking!


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season!

    1. Sam @ The Balance Artist

      Aw!! Thanks. Mine are definitely rough, but I like to leave in all the sketch marks, I just tone them down when I scan them in. Just gives my drawings more life, they tend to look stagnant when I take them out or draw overly clean. Vector work is a different story, but I don’t do it very often, except for at work.


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