Christmas Cards 2012

Hello, friends! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your holiday season. I haven’t had much time to sit down and relax and take it all in…what?! It is almost Christmas!!! Where did the time go? I am loving the gift shopping and hustle and bustle, but definitely am looking forward to our New Hampshire getaway (I hope it snows so I can wear my new snow boots and earmuffs, muahaha), and our annual NYC weekend soon after. Nothing says “chill out after the holiday craziness” like room service frickles, arguements about the Empire State vs. the Chrysler Buildings, a random underground jazz club, and copious amounts of wine…and no plans. Ahhhh.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves! I love Christmas and all that comes with it!

If you are interested in purchasing any Christmas cards this season, check me out on Etsy. I can fill orders through next week! Thanks to all of you who have come out to support me; I hope you all love the cards and that they make you smile as much as they make me smile when I am making them!

Have a great holiday season, everyone! xo

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