Latest Obsessions 5.22.13

Latest Obsessions

Some things I’m lovin’…..

Chartreuse Nails

  • Chartreuse: from nail color (Essie’s The More the Merrier), to design projects, to the Portofino shirt, I am loving this hue lately.
  • While we are on the topics of awesome colors, I also have become obsessed with jadeite, and want a collection as big as Martha’s or Paula’s….

    On my birthday wishlist…a jadeite cakestand. I only have reproductions so far, but I will now be on the lookout at yard sales and antique shops for the real deal, too!

  • And speaking of my birthday wishlist…
  • Also. Apple Cider Vinegar!!! Because I attribute this miracle stuff (along with some healthy doses of kombucha) to being the reason my allergies aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be (like, 4+ sinus infections a year?) and for beefing up my immune system. I seriously love this stuff. So many benefits. Just make sure you get the raw, unfiltered kind; I use the brand Bragg. Couple tablespoons mixed with any concoction of water and/or 100% juice, and I also love using it in dressings for salads. Speaking of that….
Jersey Veggies and Salad in a Jar
  • Jersey fresh produce is BACK in full force!!! (PS, Salad in a Jar is genius and a perfect way to eat a ton of veggies in a sitting….and be totally full.)
Ice Cream Cone
  • This.
  • Question of the day? “Jimmies” or “sprinkles?” Hope you’re having a lovely week!


2 thoughts on “Latest Obsessions 5.22.13

  1. Sam Brickley

    have you ever been to the golden nugget flea market near lambertville nj?! check out the website for address. if you haven’t, you need to get up there on a Saturday and go inside the building, upstairs, to Connie’s (i think that was her name) vintage kitchen stuff. lots of vintage jadeite!!! go get your haggle on!


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