New Hampshire-bound & Moving


I am off to New Hampshire for 4 days…Coop’s mama is getting married! I am blogging from my iPhone, so please excuse the format. 🙂

imageSince I’ve seen you last, I have turned 26 (we celebrated in Ocean City, MD with a bunch of good friends and it was amazing) and I’ve also been packing my life away for my move to West Chester, PA…never have I ever lived in any other East Coast state besides Jersey, and I am clinging to my NJ license for as long as I can! Jersey girl fo’ life. BUT I am super excited about this next step and I can’t wait to eventually share some apartment pics as my visions come together! (Anyone else seriously abuse their iPhone’s Notes app? I have list upon list of things I still need to do, where I want to place things, stuff I still need to buy, wall arrangement ideas for my pictures/paintings/etc…moving is bringing out the psycho-organizer in me!! My designer mind is swimming.)

Since Google Reader is closing July 1st (womp), I have switched over to Bloglovin’ and wanted to let you know I placed a follow button on the sidebar of my blog for easier following.

See ya when I get back! Hope everyone has an awesome 4th!!

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