We’re Getting There….

It’s been about a month since the move, but since the first two weeks went like this: air mattress, clothes for just the week, cheese board and beer picnic on the floor, Philly wedding the weekend in-between, more moving, pizza with wine in a margarita glass (everything else was packed), work all week sitting on the hardwood floor (again), prepping for the BIG move, forgot to pack any of the clothes I’m looking for or the condiments I needed for dinner…..you get the idea. It was real cute at first, but when the novelty wore off, we were very anxious to have all of our stuff in ONE place.

Cheese and Beer on the FlorPacking and Unpacking: the most terrifying events of a move. Although unloading the truck in Jersey was CRAZILY simple thanks to Coop and his cousin Max (and the empty parking spots out front of the brownstone on a Saturday night).


Where does it all go?

Not to mention how anxious we were to finally get rid of our place in PA (that was hell). The sheer amount of crap that you realize you have accumulated and have in boxes makes you feel pretty awful about yourself until it is all put away….but it happens! And somehow it all fits (save for the trunkload of boxes my parents are graciously housing for us…)! Finally we have everything unpacked and boxes thrown away, but we have a few small projects we will need to do in the coming weeks. FUN projects, though. And we finally say buh-bye to our West Chester apartment! Peace out!!!

Aaaand don’t even get me started on wedding planning. Nothing like moving to the NYC area and hemorrhaging mucho cash to make wedding planning feel impossible. Hoping now that the holidays are over (Happy New Year, by the way!!!) and the move is mostly done, we can start focusing on some of the fun stuff. We are in talks with some food trucks, which we are pretty pumped about. Hoping to start sharing some of the fun planning here, and some DIYs, all of that.

EskimosFor now, just trying to get back into the swing of things, start a new routine of work, fitness, and play, and enjoy all the newness as much as I can. Being able to pop into the city so easily is so awesome, I fell in love with an appliance (our Viking gas stove is….I mean, there are no words, really), and my Yelp bookmarks for new restaurants to try have multiplied tenfold. So many exciting things coming up this year!

Shakshuka made on a GAS stove!

(Cooking on that stove, with cast iron, is PURE JOY.)

Our view of NYC

And our view of the city ain’t so bad, either.

Love love love,


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