So, who are you?
My name is Sam and I am an illustrator and graphic designer, currently based in the NYC area. Drawing animals is my specialty…but we will have a little bit of everything here!

Born and raised as a Jersey girl, I graduated from the University of Arizona. Miss the gorgeous desert and the vicinity to the West Coast, but MAN, nothing rivals the food and culture of Philly and New York. Proud to be back on the East Coast!

Why The Balance Artist?
For me, it is a very important thing to have a balance between health and indulgence. Both things make you feel really good, but too much of one and none of the other has the total opposite effect. As much as I love working out regularly (I am a certified Les Mills BODYCOMBAT instructor and total fitness junkie), practicing yoga, taking my husky for long walks, veggies, and experimenting cooking healthy and yummy food in the kitchen, I also indulge…a life without good beer, red wine, chocolate, and ice cream is my worst nightmare! I live for the beach, all things that glitter, dancing all night, REALLY good cheese, and palm trees. It’s the little things in life!

Hope you stick around! Check back often for new artwork and designs, recipes, and tales of my crazy little life. Enjoy!


With Allie and Oscar Bachelorette Party AC Yoga Karli and I in Philly

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