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Flamingos, Donuts, and Rosé

Last weekend’s girls’ getaway (aka my bachelorette) to the North Shore of Long Island was pretty perfect.

flamingo float

My girl Alyssa went all out with the decorations, gift bags (complete with beach towels, neon glasses, a bag of essentials like face wipes, conditioner, Advil, and Pedialyte…), food, drink, all of it. I am so lucky and oozing with love for these girls. Seriously, Lys, ya killed it.

bachelorette gift bags bachelorette decorations

I could live all my days on the deck, and floating in the Sound…especially with my donut(s) and flamingo floats (< Trace…I am still so sad we had to leave that flamingo behind) and giraffe beach towel (!!!). We never even made it to the vineyards…our little oasis was too perfect (and believe you me…we had PLENTY of food and drink at the house…).
sunset floating

The weekend was filled with prosecco, Alyssa’s famous Hawaiian poke, taco night, Cards Against Humanity with glowsticks, hilarious stories, an interesting townie bar and crazy taxi ride, lots of water time (and zero showers for me…?), kayaking with Sara (who came allll the way from Maryland), and friends that I haven’t seen in ages.

glow sticks

Major props to my West Chester mama-to-be for coming up for a solid 24 hours of beachy goodness….is she glowing, or what?! Thanks to Jess and Lizzie for making the trek early Saturday morning to hang all day and night…..tequila jello shots in hand (even though she couldn’t take them! Don’t worry, I took one, or 5, for the team…).


Can every morning be like this?

the deck

Oh…and came home to JC Sunday for a perfect brunch and pool day with our Hoboken friends and their adorable babe (I mean, his shirt said ‘Aloha Ladies’ and his bathing suit had lobsters all over it), who hung with us all day like a champ.


Thanks to everyone who made it a truly unforgettable time!!!